Dog Kennel Le Pouget Dordogne

Personalised care for your dog(s) while you are away!

Kennel Le Pouget

Our kennel for dogs is adapted to the needs and the well-being of each animal. We can offer a stay up to 20 dogs. The indoor premises – each with access to the outside – are made of modern materials in order to offer hygiene and comfort. Every day, the premises are cleaned. They are also equipped with heating and there is always a nice, soft music, indoor and outdoor in the parks.

Spacious parks

Le Pouget has some spacious parks. This gives your dog the ability to run and play freely. Walks divided into small groups or individually.

Every day we will also have a good walk with your dog.

Health and security

We are very attentive to the health and safety of your pet. Your dog must for this reason have been vaccinated according to the standards and have been registered by tattoo or chip.

The kennel has specific premises such as a kitchen, a grooming room and a space for the veterinarian.




We will serve several times a day. We chose the brand Royal Canin, a food of very good quality, with a good taste, adapted to each age, activity, weight and race. If your dog needs a special diet food, we ask you to provide this food.

Dog Washing service

We have a washing service for our guests in a professional grooming room. Rates vary depending on the size and type of hair of your dog.


Our hotel is only available for healthy animals. Please give us all necessary information when entrusting your dog: not eating well, sneezing without gravity etc. Any additional information can help us to better react in case of problems. For non-communicable diseases give us all the necessary information.


“Juste une ligne pour vous remercier beaucoup de s’occuper de Rosy si bien, elle a ajusté à la vie comme si elle n’avait jamais été absent. Nous vous contacterons quand nous saurons quand nous repartirons. Cordialement,” Tom & Susan

Take a look!

You are welcome if you are interested in our kennel to have a look. Make an appointment in advance and we will show you the kennel and all its facilities.

5star plus

« Thank you so much for taking such fantastic care of Adam and Kelly. Never have we been so satisfied on the condition of our dogs when they have been in kennel. We could see that they loved being with you. 
Your Kennels are superb they are most definatly 5star plus. 
Thanks once again.
 Kind regards, Derek, Helen, Adam and Kelly »


Rates (per day)

1 dog less than 3 days – 20,00 € tax incl.
1 dog 3 days or more – 18,00 € TTC
2 dogs * – 16,25 € TTC per dog
3 or more dogs * – 14,50 € TTC per dog
* from the same owner and in 1 box


Heating (if necessary) – 1,60 € TTC
Drug Administration – 1,60 € TTC


(only if parasites are found during the animal’s stay, indicative prices)
Frontline Combo Treatment – 10,00 € TTC
Capstar treatment – 4,50 € TTC


If you are not able to bring or take your dog(s), we can offer transportation. Our bus is equipped with a number of separate cages through which we can transport your pet safely. For this service, we have a rate of 0,75 € per kilometer and an hourly rate of 15 €.

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